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September 29, 2010, 4:03 pm
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Simple resume writing tips that will get you noticed

Details, details…
Does your resume read like a “to do” list? Do you try to cram in all your job duties, past and present, in one or two sentences hoping to show off how much responsibility your former employers had ladled onto you, hoping to impress your prospective new employer with all those commas? If you really want to impress someone who happens to pick up your resume, it is important to be specific. Instead of merely ticking off one duty after another, show exactly what you contributed to the company and what was accomplished because of that contribution.

Nothing packs more punch than cold hard data. What exactly have you done, and how did it help the company. Did your sales team accomplish a spectacular feat? Did your research end up saving your company a significant percentage?  If you have numbers to back you up, use them. Showing a prospective employer specific goals that you have reached is a good way to stand out.

Be the blank…

It is also important to consider the overall look of your resume. Will it attract the attention that it deserves, or will it merely be quickly perused and shuffled to the bottom of the stack? Is your font choice legible? Is your text too small? Or, is it  way too big?  Does your resume too cluttered?

Be sure to avoid fancy looking fonts and keep the size between 8 and 12. It is also important to utilize the blank space around the body of your text. A bit of open space around your text will make it more inviting to a prospective reader. The typical amount of time a prospective employer takes on looking at a resume is between 10 to 20 seconds, it is important to use all the tricks you can think of not get yourself noticed and hired.

Buzz is the word

Whether we are ready or not, the digital age is upon us, and barring any cataclysmic event, it is here to stay. So, until that comet hits us, we all must get used to the idea of having our resumes being scanned by computer and then stored inside a database never to be looked upon by human eyes again. To pour sweat, tears, and many early mornings into a document, only to have it sit somewhere and collect digital dust is truly a tragedy.

Back in school, remember how important it was, while taking the test, to completely fill in that circle so that scanner could read your answer?  In the world of databases, keywords are the equivalent of that filled in circle.  The machine that your resume is fed into is programmed to scan for certain industry “buzz” words, and to spit out the resumes that scored the highest amount of matches or “hits”.  When writing your resume for this brave new world, it is important to know what these “buzz” words are and how to use them with effectiveness within the body of your resume.

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